Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday

I'm writing from a place of culinary enlightenment and satisfaction this afternoon. Silas made me an amazing pan seered steak. Deliciously pink and juicy in the middle. Crisp and buttery on the outside.
For dessert I had left over Mississippi Mud Pie that I made for last night's board game night. It was even better after sitting in the fridge all night. I'll try to post the recipe soon.

But it's the steak flavor that is lingering in my mouth. Keeping me full and happy.

There's four quilts awaiting my attention over at my workstation. One in need of binding, two in need of quilting, and one in need of piecing. I shall post pictures soon. I've done a poor job of posting pictures lately.

Silas bought me an iPad and the result has been a complete lack of interest in my laptop which is, of course, necessary for pictures. Even this post was typed on my iPad. Which is why there are no pictures. What a lame blogger I am.

I'll be 19 weeks along on Tuesday and I'm happy to say that did half my grocery shopping on Friday with Gideon on my back via the Ergo. Poor Gideon. He doesn't like sitting on my lap anymore because there is no lap to sit upon. Last night he pointed to my expanding belly and I said "there's a baby in there".  He shook his head to say that I was wrong, placed both of his hands on my belly, and tried to shove it off my lap. I had to laugh.


  1. I used my ergo tonight when I did all our evening animal chores-it sure makes a great back pack

  2. Tommy rediscovered the back pack a few weeks ago. He looks so funny sitting in it now.

  3. =D I think it's hilarious that he tried to shove it off your lap. Just you wait, little fella!

  4. Gideon's reaction was awesome. :) I love steak as well... yours sounds like it was beyond perfection.

    Glad you're doing well!


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