Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is never dull.

Gideon is a handful. The new baby is a bellyful. I feel like neither ever stops moving. I've never been more thankful for Gideon's 4 hour naps. Now if only I could convince baby Snider #2 to stop moving for two seconds so I could nap.

I'm 23 weeks along and as big as I was at 28 weeks with Gideon. Despite the fact I've been eating much better this time around I'm still putting on lots of weight. I guess this is just what my body does. Though at the rate that I'm gaining it looks like I'll still come in under my last pregnancy weight by 20 pounds or so. Looking at pictures of Jessica Simpson pregnant make me feel better. I wonder where she buys her bras.

I've been lazy about pregnancy pictures. Partially due to the fact that Silas has been gone a lot lately. I'll get one up soon. I think it's a girl. Silas knows it's a boy. I'm looking forward to the birth so much just so I can find out who is right! We've picked out two wonderful names and I just can't wait to use one. I wish I was having twins and could use them both!

Silas is finally home for awhile. He's been out of town a great deal with moving preparations and coaching robotics. It is such a relief to have him home again. I miss him so much while he's gone! If I didn't have Gideon I would be bored out of my mind in his absence. Yesterday he took me shopping for a maternity cocktail dress and flats to wear to his birthday party next month. SO MUCH FUN! And besides, it's nice to share parenting duties with someone else.

Upon inspection of my calendar I've discovered that I only have 6 weeks left before I have to pack up or give away everything we own. In addition I have to reserve a moving truck and find a storage facility for our stuff since we'll be moving there without a home to move into. So far I'm not stressing too much, which is good. I'm hoping it stays that way.

Everytime I start to get stressed I look at this little face and remember that he's mine for at least another 16 years so even if all our stuff gets lost, we lose our security deposit, and we have to live in a hotel for 6 months, I'll still have his smiles to cheer me up!


  1. Honestly? The best smile ever! Love you guys and can't wait till you get here-ish.

  2. I'll be thinking of you as you are beginning to pack and get ready for all that life is giving you! You aren't the only one who's moved while really, really pregnant. My mum was 10 overdue with Sara (no 11) when we moved from ID to SK. I respect her to no end and I respect you. Looking forward to pictures as you have the time and inspiration. :hugs:


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