Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orbs and Rays quilt

I was inspired to start this quilt after seeing this one on Pinterest. It's just lovely and made by Erica over at Craftyblossom. I love the colors and the way the triangles play off of one another.
So when I began mine I made the front fairly similar. The colors reminded me of sunrays.
When I decided I wanted to do something different for the back I chose to stick with the sun theme and use appliqued orbs.
For the quilting I wanted to accent the orbs from the front without throwing off the whole quilt.
So I quilted circles around the orbs as if there was light or heat radiating our from them. Then I finished by stitching in the ditch for the rest of the quilt.
I so very happy with how it turned out!


  1. I love this! Such beautiful colors.


  2. Wow, it looks great. The color scheme does remind me of sunrays -- cozy!


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