Thursday, March 15, 2012

And I haven't even made it down stairs yet.

Today is a very bad day. And for no reason. Well, that's not 100% true. I feel like crap. That is the reason. Today my hips started hating on me. Not a deep, sharp hip pain. Not spasms and agony. Just a groaning protest at being forced to carry so much extra weight. I feel it in my whole body. I hate being fat.

And I woke up this morning in tears because of a dream in which McDonald's treated me horribly by forgetting to put in my side salad (with chicken) order and then refusing to give me a big mac even though I was prostrating myself on the counter going "PLEASE JUST GIVE ME A BIG MAC!!!" "It doesn't work that way." said the group of snot faced girls that worked there. And I was SO HUNGRY. And there were no other options for food.


Then I got Gideon out of bed and brought him into my bed to lay down and not only did he refuse to cuddle with me as per usual, he refused to stay in bed with me. So now he's running all over the house like a crazy man making dog sounds that are much closer to a baby piglet than a dog. WHERE IS MY BABY!?!

I have class today so I have to get out of bed. Stupid class. Stupid bed. Stupid house. Stupid sun. Stupid earth. Stupid... Yes, yes I am stupid.

But man, I feel better after getting that off my chest. I'll talk to you guys later. I have to go put on my big girl panties.


  1. hahahahahaha gideon!!!

  2. I hope today is a better day. But your dream gave me a much needed laugh. It sounds like something I would dream :-)

  3. And some days are just like that. Drive on, soldier.

  4. You laugh even while you're frustrated... :hugs: You're awesome. :)


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