Monday, March 5, 2012

He's fine. I'm... Pregnant.

I think Gideon is sensing the coming change. He doesn't understand why Mommy is packing up most of his toys or taking things out of the cabinets and putting them in boxes. He tries to help sometimes but of course he has no idea what is being packed, given away, or kept till the last minute. And on top of it all Mommy can't hardly get him in and out of his crib anymore because her belly is suddenly huge. She also can't carry him up and down the stairs anymore except when he says he has to poop and she runs him up to the potty!

His reactions to all the changes vary depending on his mood. Sometimes he only wants to cuddle with Mom and Dad. Sometimes he wants to watch Phineas and Ferb until his brains rot out. Sometimes he runs around the house yelling, exhilarated by the upheaval. And sometimes he gets really possessive of his stuff. But mostly I'm just struck by what a big boy he is and by how much he takes the change in stride.

 Last night, after church, we went on a late night family dinner date to Steak and Shake. Turns out it was one of the only places open at 9:30. Gideon got to sit in a booster seat instead of a high chair and he was so good! He fed himsel his Mac and cheese with a fork and only occasionally asked for bites of Mom and Dad's food. As we get closer to moving and the birth of the new baby I get sad that this part of our lives is almost over. It won't be the three of us, it will be the four of us. And while I know that's not a bad thing and I'm out of my mind excited about ur family growing, this part of our lives has been so precious!

Gideon was born in this house. There is so much love in this house. It's so full of Sniderness! I know we'll take our Sniderness with us, but still. All this to say that Gideon is doing well with everything and I am suddenly crying every time I think about leaving this house, leaving our friends, or Gideon no longer being an only child. Stupid pregnancy emotions!


  1. Naomi TwietmeyerMarch 5, 2012 at 6:10 PM

    For me, change is really hard to accept. Upheaval. Uncertainty. All the "uns". :) But it will get back into normal routine eventually.

    :hugs: Hang in there! Life is still awesome. :)

  2. I remember trying to pack for China as my son was starting to crawl and get into positively everything, and wondering at the time how I was ever going to pack everything efficiently in time. The "in time" part happened, and that was good enough in the end. :) You sound like you're taking everything in stride and your kids are cooperating really well! Change is so bittersweet, isn't it?

  3. Sounds perfectly normal to me!
    Hugs, you're doing a good job!


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