Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures and thoughts and thinking of me as Super Mom.

Hi guys! I'm still here. The piles of boxes and books haven't eaten me yet, though they hem me in on all sides and threaten to devour me.
You can see here my 27 week belly and some of the moving mayhem. What you can't see is Gideon in the laundry basket wielding an echophone yelling "Gugu cah!" (Gideon's car) or Silas painting himself as a victim, a photographer under duress. He really hates taking my weekly pregnancy photo for me. He really doesn't care for cameras.
Gideon is pretty cute. He's had a word explosion in the past week and a half and communicates pretty effectively now. He calls me "Mama" like a little British child with the emphasis on the first syllable. He said his first sentence the other day. "Dah go poop!" A pretty reasonable conclusion to banging on the bathroom door and hearing Dad say "Go away." Such a boy.
He loves the bath. A couple times a day he wanders in the bathroom and over to the tub and says "Bas?" He thinks drinking the bath water out of a giant yogurt cup is hilarious. I don't see what's so funny but hey, whatever.

 I'm pretty sure Daddy is his favorite thing in the whole world. And watching those two interact makes my heart so happy!
I treated myself to these the other day in preparation for our road trip to Seattle. I'm planning on doing a lot of hand quilting to pass the time while we're driving and I needed a good little pair of scissors.
This is the quilt I'm planning to work on. I've decided to call it the Pittsburgh Row Houses Quilt; to remind me of all the wonderful times I've spent here in Pittsburgh. I bought the fabric on our trip to Seattle this winter and I cut and pieced it here in Pittsburgh. My hope is to finish it in time to be the first thing I hang on our living room wall in our new home in Seattle.
One last picture of Gideon because he's cute.

Peace to you, and thanks for reading, if any of you still put up with my irregular postings. I hope to get back into a better routine with blogging. But I've almost given up on that ever happening. So I'll keep hoping and try not to feel too guilty about my abscence.

Just think of me, every time you realize I haven't posted in several weeks, and assume it's because I'm packing boxes, herding my toddler down the side walk on an educational jaunt through the neighborhood, baking biscuits, sewing, or some other useful activity. Do not imagine me lounging on the couch playing on Pinterest while my son watches "Cars" for the 87 millionth time. Because it makes me feel better if people think I'm a super mom.


  1. :) you're a good mom, the one God chose for Gideon and baby, and that's all that matters! Loved this post.

  2. I'm sure you're a super mom, regardless of the Cars thing. Those other moms are lying, you know.

  3. The picture of Silas and Gideon is so cute! You are a super Mom, you are having more then one child!

  4. I love Heather Ashe's comment. My sentiments exactly. Love the pictures! and the thoughts. :hugs:

  5. Hey, you still blog way more regularly than me, and I don't have a kid. :P I love your posts, and I think Gideon is lucky to have such a super mom as you. Snyder Baby 2 is lucky, also. ^_^
    PS, I adore that quilt. :D


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