Saturday, March 17, 2012

Zoo Day!

After a week of days like this one, Gideon and I took the day off from packing to go to the zoo. Despite my good intentions, I had never taken Gideon to the zoo before and it was just as crowded, sweaty, and magical as I remember it being when I was a child.

Silas dropped us off on his way to robotics and I figured since it was an hour and a half till closing the place would be emptying out. We found that while it WAS emptying out there were just as many people going in! The zoo was, to be cliche, a zoo.

I had hemmed and hawed about taking my good camera since Gideon and I would be busing home and my camera is heavy. But looking at the pictures from this afternoon that I took with it, I'm so, so happy I decided to bring it!

 Gideon really liked the fish in the pond.
And the tigers which, of course, led him to shout out "Rawr!" over and over.
We spent a long time looking at the elephants.
Boy, he's cute.
Gideon somehow managed to fall and scrape a hunk of skin off of his knee. He bled all over me :/ I hadn't even thought to bring bandaids! I'll remember next time.
We got a new umbrella stroller that will hopefully replace both our old flimsy umbrella stroller with broken buckles and our large stroller that takes up a ton of space. Gideon likes pushing it around. I kinda do too.
Gotta stay hydrated; it's hot out there!
I snagged a passer-by and got her to take a picture of Gideon and I together. Now if only Gideon had smiled a bit...

We left the zoo tired but happy and the weather was so wonderful we even enjoyed waiting for the bus. We ended up walking much farther than I had anticipated so I was happy to find that while I had blisters on my feet, my ankles were not swollen at all! We didn't even get sunburned! You gotta love that March sun.


  1. That's a great pic of you two!

  2. Aww how fun! I have such great memories of going to the zoo. Gideon looks so adorable.



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