Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy birthday, best friend.

When I met Silas he was a 20 yr. old computer science student at the University of Oregon.
Silas, circa 2006, right around the time we met.
I was a 17 yr. old wannabe actress/musician/important person of any kind.
Me, looking very 17. And very, I have to note, skinny.
I was something of a lost soul. Not sure what I was supposed to be doing or even what I wanted to do. I had some goals here and there but they changed pretty frequently. For the most part I just kind of worked through life waiting for something to happen. Silas happened. And he changed everything.
Silas and I on our wedding day. I had just turned 20. Silas was 23.
Maybe someday I can explain how much better my life became when I married Silas. He moved me to the "big city" where I'd always wanted to live. I was suddenly exposed to so much that didn't exist in the 200 person town in Oregon where I had been living.
Silas and I as newlyweds. This was the first time I ever tried bubble tea.  
I had finally found the perfect person to share my life with. Someone adventurous, funny, well read, and principled. Someone who wanted all the same things out of life as I did.
Silas and I goofing off at a party. I was pretending to be him.
One of those things, for both of us, was kids. And a year after we got married we had Gideon.
The Sniders, on a visit back to Oregon, when Gideon was about 4 months old.
And life kept getting better. Silas turned out to be the best father I've ever seen.
Silas and Gideon on a trip to Erie around Gideon's first birthday.
We're still best friends.
Silas and I, summer 2011.
We still goof off.
One Grecian urn!
Even though we're pretty much all grown up now.
Christmas 2011.

Silas turned 26 yesterday.
Pouring the champagne.
I made the traditional Snider chocolate yogurt pound cake and I bought a $17 bottle of champagne to celebrate.
I know people think it's cliche to say that a person is the best thing that's ever happened to them.. but seriously. Silas is the best thing that's ever happened to me. 
The birthday boy
I couldn't be more grateful he was born.


  1. LOVE! I just said to Colin that we have to tell our kids that they can only marry someone who makes them laugh a hefty percentage of the time they're together - laughing and goofing off are two things that make our marriage so fun and make us happy we get to spend many, many more years together.

    Happy birthday, Silas!

  2. Wonderful words about a wonderful man. And even better is that as the years go by you will probably feel it more and more!

  3. I agree...though it seems a long story already...consider chapter 1 to have excellent content and a lifetime of compilation to be added! Lovely! Happy birthday Silas!

  4. I'm so happy for you both... and your kids. Your posts always make me smile, E. Happy birthday, Silas! You're a very blessed man..

  5. I'm a lurker on your blog... :) I just wanna say that this post made me think a lot about how blessed I am by MY hubby! Thanks! And Happy Birthday to your man! :)


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