Monday, April 9, 2012

It's all a blur.

After staring in wonder at all the little girls at church yesterday in their poofy Easter dresses, I think Gideon has decided that it either needs to be socially acceptable for him to have an Easter dress or our family needs a girl. Because we need some tulle supported clothing here at the Snider's.

I have a million errands to run today. I'll call it good if I can get some packages mailed and some stuff dumped off at Goodwill, though. I already bought shampoo, took out the upstairs trash, and fed Gideon lunch so I guess that's a win for me. An orange and half a can of re-fried beans is totally a balanced toddler lunch, right? Also, I haven't made any poor eating choices yet today. So yay.

Oh, and I cleaned all the trash and toys out of the car. I still need to vacuum it out, but that's an issue since my jerk neighbors insist on parking in front of my house even when their own parking space is open. Seriously, whenever they see me leave they out they go out and move their car in front of my house. Did I mention they have three cars? For two people. While we have one car. For three people. And they yell at us if we park in front of their house? Whatever. Two more weeks of street parking and passive (and not so passive) aggressive neighbors. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

I started to make our menu and realized that I have to start using up everything in the freezer since, you know, TWO WEEKS. I'm trying to finish up the packing for the rest of the house so I can start on the kitchen by the end of the week.

Also trying not to miss all of the cute Gideon moments during all the hurry and rush of moving. Because there are quite a lot of them and it's so easy to get annoyed or just pass over them because I'm stressed out and have things to do or am too tired to interact with him. He's getting so big! I don't want to miss anything! Here's what he's been up to this week.

Gideon carrying his baby in the Ergo.
Using Costco fruit crates as a disposable play table.

Sleeping while Mommy runs errands.

Drinking one of Daddy's "Duce" packs.

Playing with his new Easter matchbox car.

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