Sunday, April 1, 2012

There are worse things in life than ruined hotdogs. I think.

I'm a little emotional these days.

You could say that's to be expected. I'm in my third trimester. We're moving 2, 500 miles away. In 3 weeks. We're taking 2 week cross-country trek to get there. Oh, and when we arrive we're either moving into a hotel or renting a stranger's spare bedroom until we find the perfect apartment. Hopefully we'll find one and get moved in before I go into labor in about 12 weeks.

But I'm not actually upset about any of those things. In fact, THOSE things make me happy about life and excited about our upcoming adventure. Oh no, I'm tragically heartbroken about really, really stupid things.

Yesterday I had a meltdown complete with weeping in the arms of my poor husband because I plugged the vacuum into the battery back up and 2 minutes into vacuuming the back up went crazy and turned off. I wish I could say there were extenuating circumstances but there kind of weren't.

And this was not an isolated incident. I also had a melt down about a pack of hotdogs I forgot to put in the refrigerator which resulted in me begging Silas to take me to Costco for pizza to remedy the situation. I don't even want to talk about how I handled our debit card disappearance this week.

Whenever things go remotely wrong I dissolve into a pile of pregnant emotions. I am utterly irrational. This must be how a toddler feels. When I'm my usual self I don't have trouble reminding myself that these little things aren't a big deal. They will be over soon and I won't remember them. Life is wonderful so get over it. Blah, blah, blah.

But when I'm irrational I can't tell myself these things because I really and truly believe that the ruined pack of hotdogs is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Life will never be the same! We will never recoup the cost of those $6 (organic, nitrate free) hotdogs! This is just proof that I'm a horrible wife and mother! A good wife and mother would NEVER have forgotten that there was a pack of hotdogs under all the dry goods in one of her 87 shopping bags. LIFE. IS. HORRIBLE.

Welcome to my pregnancy craziness. I'm sorry that this is my reality right now but I guess it is what it is. I went through this while pregnant with Gideon too. And if we are so fortunate as to be blessed with many children I suppose I will go through this many more times. So I guess I will put on my big girl panties and keep trying to keep it together!

What do YOU do to curb the pregnancy craziness?


  1. You would be appalled at the amount of food I've wasted by not putting it into the fridge in time. Lucky for me, I buy the $0.98 hot dogs. :D

  2. poor thing! but, yay for nice husbands who let us cry on them over the randomest things :P

  3. I can't recommend strongly enough that you break the sugar addiction. We may need to do an intervention.... :)


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