Thursday, May 10, 2012

A day in the life.

For the past week our days have looked something like this:

Wake up early and cook breakfast for myself and Gideon. This is usually scrambled eggs or as Gideon says "Ehnnnnngs".
Feed and dress myself and Gideon while Silas showers.
Drop Silas off at work and head either to a park or to a house showing.
See one or two houses, acquire applications, and get lost at least once.
Head back to home base.

Clean the kitchen, do laundry tidy up etc...
Make lunch for Gideon and I. Gideon likes "noo-noos" (noodles), penne, to be exact, and I like something proteiny wrapped in a tortilla.
Nap time for Gideon AND Mommy. This is much needed by both of us and usually lasts at least two hours.
End nap early if we have evening house showings, otherwise we kick around the house relaxing for a bit. I might let Gideon watch a movie while I scour craigslist for any new rental postings and arrange some new showings.

Prep dinner and leave to pick up Silas from work.
Spend the ride home telling Silas all about the ups and downs of my housing hunt. He smiles, pats me on the head, and tells me I'm a good little wife. Haha, not really. But he does encourage me when I'm upset about one thing or another and gives me feedback on pricing and housing size.
I make dinner for us. We eat and then Gideon gets to watch ESPN while Daddy unwinds on his computer and I tidy up (again) and do some vegging (blogging, facebooking, twittering) of my own.
Silas or I dress Gideon for bed and then I have to supervise while Gideon picks up all of his toys and puts them away. Sometimes this takes awhile as he often stops to play and I have to remind him to keep going.
Gideon says night-night to Dad and I put him in bed.

I finally get a chance to shower.
Silas and I go over my schedule for tomorrow.
I take my night time supplements. Most importantly my magnesium drink which helps me to sleep.
About this time (11) baby starts moving a whole bunch so I take some time to talk to baby and "play" with him or her by poking and prodding my tumultuous tummy.
Silas and I decide what time to set the alarm for and pass out.

It's funny to me that after only a week we have a routine, even amongst the uncertainty of housing etc... Gideon likes routine. And I have to admit that so do I. I like knowing that at this time of day we do this, and this time, this. After next week our schedule will completely change again as we'll be leaving this nice little apt. we've been in since we arrived and we'll be moving into a yet to be determined dwelling. But for now routine is nice. For now this is needed.

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