Sunday, May 6, 2012

Instagrams from the road.

We arrived in Seattle yesterday after almost two weeks on the road. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our travels. Enjoy!
Pennsylvanian barn.

Gideon enjoying the "Ja-beees!" that Daddy bought him at Cracker Barrel.

Mail truck.

In St. Louis, about an hour after some lady stopped me to ask if I was having twins.

Waiting for the Metro.

Gideon goofing off in the hotel room.

On the road again with my best friend. One of the things I love about road trips is that I get to hold his hand a lot.

It was rainy going through Missouri.

Listening to Iron and Wine.

Gideon slept.

Working on my Pittsburgh Rowhouses quilt.

Iowan farm.

This bus reminded me of A League of Their Own.

Picture in a rest stop mirror. 32 weeks.

North Dakota.

One of Gideon's favorite games was to put his pillow on top of his head and then get Mommy and Daddy to look at his "hat".

Road trip food! Though, honestly, I got tired of the pepsi about half way through and threw it away. I still have most of the twizzlers too.

Something weird in North Dakota.



Getting ready to go in the morning after night at the good ol' Motel 6 in Billings.
Coming up on some mountains...
It turns out those mountains are Idaho!
Lake Coeur D'Alene
I got to spend a lot of time looking at Silas on this trip. He's got this stripe of grey above his ear. I'm pretty sure the move caused this.

My fortune from Panda Express in Spokane. I'm pretty sure the only advice I'm getting from my child is "Donut!"

The Columbia river. It always takes my breath away.

There was snow on the pass an hour out from Seattle. That was... unexpected.

Entering Seattle! There's a lot of bug guts on our windshield.

Wallingford; the neighborhood where we're staying for the next couple of weeks.


  1. I love the PA barn photo and the neighborhood you are living in looks super cute!

  2. I LOVED this post. Such a cool overview of your trip out west. Welcome! :) (I hope we can see you sometime when y'all are passing through.)

  3. Thanks for sharing your travels; good memories of your trip West and the new adventure of living in Seattle; making new friends; having a new baby and watching Gideon grow! Love, Grandpa and Grandma


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