Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mommy Mistakes

Today was one of those days where I miss the ease of going out for coffee with Gideon sleeping peacefully in the sling. Waking up only to nurse and then go back to sleep. Now Gideon wants "tawtee", he wants down, he wants up, he wants to point and yell "Go bike!" at every passing cyclist, he wants to talk to all the other people in the coffee shop who are trying to ignore him. I want there to be a mommy coffee shop where I can get my espresso frappuccino and sit down for a few minutes without living in fear of nasty looks from hipsters. Starbucks drive-thru it is.
The truth is, not only was this a day in which I dreamed of newborn days... today was pretty much the kind of day that mothers of toddlers dread. The kind of day you would like to believe will never happen to you. The kind of day that if you see another mother having you look at her in pity and feel a little smug about how well behaved your own child is. But today I was the mother to be pitied and probably the source of some other mother's smugness.

Disclaimer: I'm about to talk about preggo stuff like giant bras and having to pee.

I HAD to buy a new bra today. As in, it was inappropriate for me to wear my too-small (but still ginormous) bra for one more day. Gideon missed his nap and cried/whined basically the whole time I was trying stuff on. He laid on the floor in front of the fitting room door crying "Mama! Go! Car! Go HOME!" Thankfully, Macy's has fitting room doors that go all the way down to the floor so there was no way for him to crawl out because I was too tired/fat to chase him around make him behave. I really, really wish I could just buy my bras at target where they are cheap, there are carts in which to strap my son, and I don't feel like the filthy rich old lady in the stall next to me is conspiring to ruin my life for bringing my son into the unmentionables section. But no, they do not carry my current ridiculous pregnancy size.

I made a mommy mistake in that I did not bring the stroller with us - it simply did not occur to me when I left the house. But let me tell you, IT WAS OCCURRING TO ME THE WHOLE TIME I WAS RUNNING THROUGH THE MALL TO FIND A BATHROOM WHILE TRYING TO CARRY A SOBBING AND POOPY 30 POUND TODDLER! Have you ever tried carrying a 30 pound crying toddler while 8 months pregnant, wearing a floor length skirt that keeps sliding down (another mommy mistake) and all the while having to pee so badly you're secretly wondering if you'll ever be able walk standing up straight again?

I'm not sure where I went wrong this afternoon. It might have been waiting this long to get a new bra so I had to go to the mall by myself with Gideon. It might have been when I went to a house showing instead of taking Gideon home for a nap. It might have been not stopping to pee sooner. It might have been not turning around when I realized I forgot the stroller, or when I went to take Gideon out of the car seat and he started bawling, or while I was carrying him through the mall and my skirt was falling down. However it happened, I left Macy's $50 poorer with a bra so big it shouldn't exist.

It had better last these last six weeks of my pregnancy because even if they make a bigger sized bra than the one I just bought (doubtful), I am NOT taking Gideon to the mall by myself again for a long, long time.

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. - Psalm 118:24


  1. I love this account of your day! :)

  2. You are an awesome mommy and an awesome blogger :-)

  3. I love hearing the inside of your head!

  4. I'm leaving right now to go start a mommy starbucks ;)

  5. That sounded like a horrible, horrible day! I'm so sorry you had to bear through that, but I'm also very impressed that you did--and wrote such a wonderfully lucid account of it. (The disclaimer was a nice touch.)

    What you said about a mommy coffee shop made me think of The Muddy Cup (in Wallingford, once again)...they're next to Djan's, a Thai restaurant that's converted from a residential house. This coffee shop has a frog holding a cup on its porch, and it has a back room with a comfy couch and a toy chest full of toys next to the couch. Gideon and you might like it... According to my husband, their coffee isn't as good as Starbucks though. :/

    Also, you're looking great, pregnant lady! I can't believe it's only about six weeks left!

  6. awwww! praying you have better days Lissie!

  7. I'm laughing hysterically out of complete sympathy because I've experienced that day! Except it didn't involve purchasing a larger sized bra because not even pregnancy helps me out in that department. Lucky you or lucky me! I'm not sure! ;D

  8. Oh man! I can def. sympathize w/ your bra issues... being of a sizable size myself. Getting bras is enough of a chore without a toddler or pregnancy! Sometimes I buy them from, they've got good deals upon occasion & excellent quality. (and i normally read your blog from Idaho, but for the next couple months you'll have a Swiss address in your readership.)

  9. Wow, it's like you're experiencing things that no one has before! You're pregnancy must be soo different than the billions of ones before it. Jesus wants you to talk about your bras...grow one cares.


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