Sunday, June 3, 2012

7 Things

It's been a long time since I blogged. I kept putting it off because there's so much to catch up on. Obviously that is a short term strategy... But I'll try to give you a run down on the numerous momentous things that have taken place since my last update.

Thing1: We found a house. Rather, God found us a house. After a week and a half of showings, applications, and stress, Silas's co-worker informed us he had a house that he didn't want to bother finding tenants for but if we were interested we could take the place. We went and saw it and it was perfect.
Thing 2: We moved in. Silas's Dad and youngest brothers drove up to help us unload the shipping container since I was pretty much useless. We are so happy to be so near family.

Thing 3: We found a church. Thankfully, we didn't really have to do much searching. We're already making connections and it feels like home.

Thing 4: I went to visit my family and my in-laws for two weeks. Again, so happy to be near them! Hope to post more pictures from our visit soon.

Thing 5: I'll be 37 weeks - full term - tomorrow. I've been having off and on contractions for the last week. Walking is a major effort. Stairs, especially at the end of the day, are more than a major effort. But it will all be over in a couple weeks and I'll have a squishy baby.

Thing 6: Gideon sleeps in his big boy bed now. If I wasn't having a new baby in a few weeks I probably would have cried over this like I did when he weaned himself. But somehow it seems like it's about time he sleeps in a normal bed.

Thing 7: It's my birthday. Today I am the same age my Mom was when she had me. And I think that's pretty cool. I woke to snuggles from my husband and baby child. Sometimes the best gift is remember how blessed you are.

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday! I'm so happy you found a house! It's so cool when God just drops blessings like that in your lap. :-)
    You don't have far to go till you are holding your new (squishy) baby! Yay!


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