Saturday, June 9, 2012

Disjointed Saturday Thoughts

I love Saturdays. Sleeping in without feeling guilty. Silas and Gideon watching cartoons while I make breakfast. Dressing up for no reason.
Almost 38 weeks!
I found a set of king size sheets at TJ Maxx for $24.99. Whoo! Now I have almost everything I need for the birth.

I went to the fabric store near me today. Silas and I had a conversation that went something like this.

Me: There's an amazing independent fabric store 5 minutes from our house!
Silas: *giggling*
Me: What?
Silas: *more giggling* I was wondering how many times we were going to pass that before you noticed it.
Me: SILAS!!! How could you notice and not tell me!?!
Silas: *More giggling*

Si took me to dinner at what is quickly becoming our favorite local pub. As soon as I'm not pregnant anymore I plan to start trying all their homemade brews. Also, best sweet potato fries I've ever had. Last time we went there Gideon flipped himself off the booster seat, bit his tongue, and bled all over the place. They were terribly nice about it, so of course we had to go back. I ordered the exact same thing I ordered last time except this time I also ordered dessert.

Look at the size of this sundae! There are FIVE scoops of stout ice cream. Let the record show that Silas ate half of his and left the rest. The waiter asked him if he wanted a to-go box. For ice cream? He declined.
I, however, ate the whole thing. I regretted it the whole way home. And Silas told me that was one of the dumbest things he's ever seen me do. If I go into labor tonight it's because there was not room for both a baby and this entire bowl of deliciousness in my body.


  1. My husband probably wouldn't have tole me about the fabric store either...just because he thought it was funny. :P

  2. I wanna know what you had for dinner! :-)
    (yes, I'm 23ish weeks pregnant and all I can think about is food!)
    And for the record... I LOVE your pregnant belly! Absolutely adorable!


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