Friday, June 15, 2012

Fickleness, thy name is pregnancy.

So I considered starting off this post with a rant about how much I don't want to be pregnant any more. Then I thought about it and decided I actually don't mind being pregnant another couple weeks.

The truth is I'm starting to really have baby fever. Like, really bad. My friend here in Seattle has a 6 month old girl and AHHHHHH! I can hardly stand it. I want my baby here to snuggle and nurse and dress in adorable onsies. But I don't exactly want to be done being pregnant. While I would like to be able to breathe again, and bend over, and walk for longer than a few blocks without having contractions... I like being pregnant. I like my big belly. I like feeling the baby move around. I like anticipating labor. I really like the homemade cherry ice cream I made last night. Wait... I'm getting off topic.

Today I'm making banana bread. My mom always made this before her births and froze it to pull out during labor and after. I did the same when pregnant with Gideon. And, obviously, I'm now doing it again. There's more super nesting happening today as well. The living/dining room is THIS CLOSE to being all done. Then we can paint and it will really be done.

Yesterday Gideon and I went to the farmer's market. It's the cutest little thing and only a few blocks from our house. Gideon rode his bike and I pushed. Whoever invented push handles for tricycles was a genius. Of course the only problem is that Gideon is not very good at steering. And if he gets distracted and suddenly turns the handle bars and I don't notice right away I push him straight into the bushes. I think I said "Straighten out your handlebars." about 87 billion times. But he's getting the hang of it and most of the time he even keeps his feet on the pedals! Also, it beats pushing a stroller any day.

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