Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gideon is going to be too tall to be an Olympic gymnast.

Yesterday was our first day home after an epic two week vacation all over the west coast. I had a ton to do between laundry, unpacking, and fighting the fruit fly onslaught that took place during our absence.

But upon waking I had this nagging feeling that I should probably double check the start date of Gideon's gymnastics class. I was pretty sure it didn't start till next week... but no. Upon inspection the class started in exactly one hour. 40 minutes of which were required for driving time!

Somehow I managed to wake, dress, and feed both the boys and get us out of the house on time. Of course the street the gymnastics studio was on was blocked by a semi truck unloading stuff (is that even legal?) and I had to park a block away. I'm still not sure how we made it there only three minutes late.

I had registered for the parent and tot class. It was apparent the moment we sat down in a circle on the mat that I didn't quite fit in with some of the other parents there. One mom was talking about how she made her two year old daughter get on the high beam the week she learned how to walk. Another mom was pointing to the class for three year olds and telling her kid "As soon as you're potty trained you don't have to be in the baby class anymore." And yet another mom was following her son around telling him to "be careful" and "watch out"!

The first activity was the foam pit, which Gideon LOVED. He rolled around in the foam laughing. Most of the other parents were peering over the pit at their children giving them instructions on how to play. The coach was just standing and watching and trying to learn everyone's names. I had Zeke in the Ergo so I couldn't do anything but sit and watch, but that was fine as Gideon was clearly having the time of his life all on his own.

Then it was on to the other equipment. Baby sized bars, beams on the floor, trampolines, mini baby vaults, and the tumble track. Gideon was having an amazing time but it soon became clear that falling down was his favorite part of any activity. Bars? Two swings then hysterical laughter as his head hit the mat. "Oh no! Fah down! Hahahaha!" His coached tried to help him do a summersault down a triangular foam piece but instead he dove head first yelling "SYDE!!!" And my favorite was on the beam. The coach was encouraging all the kids to put out their airplane arms and walk the beam. Gideon? He threw his arms straight up in the air, walked a quarter of the beam, and then shouted "Oh no! Airpane Crshhhhhh!" as he threw himself onto the mat in a fit of giggles and explosion noises.

This is my son, my happy-go-lucky, independent boy.  I can't wait to see how he does in class for the rest of the year :)

Getting a drink after class. He's proud of the tiger stamps on his feet he got for finishing class.

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