Friday, September 7, 2012

Some little things that make up my life.

Gideon thinks I'm the best mom (or even person) ever because I can burp on command. Man, toddler boy are easy to please. He's also AMAZED that I can answer the questions on Dora the Explorer before Dora does.
Me and Gidge.
Speaking of Dora, Gideon now counts. All the times I tried to teach him - nothing. The first episode he watches of Dora counting and now he's counting his legos (duplos)! Neither Dora, nor I, have yet been able to convince him of the existence of 4, though. "One, two, free, two, free, TWO FREE!!!" is the only way to count, you guys.
Watching a Pirates game.
He loves to impersonate Cookie Monster, especially at the table. He picks up his food and says "I Kiki Mohner!" and shovels it in going "Omnomnomnomnom!" He thinks its hilarious. And so do we.
Me: I love you! Gideon: I love cookies! Omnomnom!
My favorite thing right now is how much Gideon loves Ezekiel. He wants to be kissing him or holding his hand or putting the binky in his mouth ALL THE TIME. It does my heart good. It makes me so happy to know they are going to be friends forever.
As for Zeke, his biggest accomplishment has been getting big enough to move up to the Ergo. This is wonderful as I haven't been able to use my ring sling due to an injury and while the Moby is ok, nothing compares to my trusty Ergo.
Our family on a recent trip to Google HQ, Zeke in Ergo.
We just got back from vacation last week and I've been sick all this week, but I hope to post some picture from our trip soon. Let's see if I ever get around to it. This post, with its cell phone pictures, has been waiting around half written for 4 days!

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