Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big decisions.

I am a stereotype of all mothers of young children at this moment. "Why?" you ask. I will tell you why; because I don't want to leave my house.

Now this desire, or lack thereof, is not seated in the trouble it is to take my boys out. With my double stroller it's pretty easy to just go for a walk. Within 2 blocks of me there is a library, three coffee shops, a park, and today is also farmer's market day. I was even looking forward to going to the farmer's market this morning! So why the change in heart?

Well. I made a mistake. The biggest mistake any mother of young children can make. When I got out of the shower this morning I put on pajama pants. And they are so comfortable. So. Comfortable. And I have ZERO desire to put on real pants.

Now these are my cute pajama pants. The ones with peace symbols on them. They even have a snazzy elastic waist WITH a drawstring. And, I mean, I'm wearing a sweat shirt. And, you know, this is Seattle. And it's not like I've never gone out in pajama pants before. And I don't mean to the gym. I've worn them to the grocery store. And maybe to the mall. Once or twice. When Gideon was a baby and none of my other clothes fit.

If I were to ask Silas he would probably say "I don't think leggings are pants and you wear them all the time. So wear whatever you want." #1. I do wear leggings as pants with long shirts. No shame. #2. I can do whatever I want. But, as my mother used to (and probably still does) say: "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."

I hope you're not too upset that when you saw the title of this post you got all excited about what huge things were going on in my life only to realize that the big decisions involve deciding whether or not to put on real pants. You're nice. Excuse me while I go finish stressing about my clothing choices.

UPDATE: I asked Silas and he said it's not even a choice. So I guess that decision's been made.

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