Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A writing prompt that devolves into talking about blogging, the meaning of life, etc...

Well, I made it almost half way through without running out of blog fodder. But this evening I can't really think of much to write about so I'm drawing from the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today. I looked at the other prompts ; your favorite quote, where you'd want to live, etc... But of course the prompt that showed up for today is "Tell us about the bravest thing you've ever done".

Right. I was looking for something simple and light and the prompt is something deep and personal. I could just say "riding the elevator down to the metro in St. Louis" because, you guys, it smells like a public bathroom in there. And I'm not talking about a public restroom at McDonalds... I'm talking concrete block bathroom stall at a local ball diamond. But that's kind of a cop out.

I dunno. I used to blog about more personal things. I also think I used to be funnier. Sometimes I look back on my older blog posts and they are pretty funny... my new posts aren't as funny. I asked Silas what he thought and he informed me that he doesn't think my posts have changed... he just never thought I was all that funny. Turd.

Isn't one of the cardinal rules of blogging to never talk about blogging? Yes. Why do I even blog anymore? You love to write but are too lazy to write a book or keep a journal/scrapbook/babybook. What is the meaning of life? Your mom is the meaning of life! Why is the sky blue? WAIT! Don't tell me. I want to believe that a smurf just threw up all over it.

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