Sunday, November 11, 2012

All's well that ends well.

Today didn't start out great. At breakfast both of the boys were crying. I started to get emotional and had to reminds myself that they will both be grown up all to soon... which made me emotional in a totally different way. Silas is on call for work so I had to take the boys to church alone. Gideon was difficult at church so I didn't stick around to chat afterwards. But the sermon was really wonderful, as per usual.

I stopped at goodwill on our way home. Zeke has outgrown his swing so I was looking for a jumperoo. I was able to find one for about $3 and I also picked up a rocker for about $5 that can double as a cradle for when Zeke takes his naps downstairs.

When I arrived home I found Silas had cleaned the whole downstairs, including the kitchen, while I was gone. I love that man. So I made orange chicken with green beans and we all sat around enjoying each other's company. Then the boys went down for naps and I set about the task of cleaning the goodwill toys. It occurred to me, as I was taking the cloth covers off to throw in the wash, that it wouldn't be too difficult make much nicer cotton covers instead of the ugly synthetic ones.

So before I put it in the wash I traced pieces for the rocker cover. An hour and half later it was done and I couldn't be more pleased! Here's the before and after picture. The new cover even matches the base better.

As usual, spending some time at my sewing machine makes the whole world seem new and full of possibilities  So today is heading towards a lovely ending, despite its start. Happy Sabbath!

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