Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dairy-free again.

Soooooo two week of a fussy baby with slimy green poo and digestive problems for me and I knew it was time. I'd had way too much cheese, milk, and eggnog. Too many cappuccinos. Too many slices of pizza. And did I mention cheese? Both of our systems were in full blown rebellion over it and I had to give it up.

You'll notice the title is "Dairy-free again." That is because I have experienced this before. Almost exactly three years ago, actually. I even came up with some pretty awesome dairy-free pizza. I became pregnant with Gideon soon after that, though, and found that pregnancy helped me to process dairy. And I've been fine till now. For some reason it's an on and off thing for me.

I started on Monday and I could tell the difference immediately.  Zeke's screaming fits stopped. His poop turned that beautiful golden color it's supposed to be and I felt much better. And while Zeke still isn't a sleeping rockstar, he's no longer waking every 2 hours. On Friday I was tired so Si ordered pizza and I decided to go with it... mistake. I ate. I fed the baby. He fell asleep and then woke up and screamed for almost an hour straight. So yeah.

Cheese is really hard for me to give up. Some of my favorite dishes are smothered in melted cheese or white sauce! But when you're half asleep at 5 am trying to comfort a screaming baby for the 4th time that night and crying because you know your toddler will be awake in two hours and expecting to be fed you will try anything not to have a repeat of that night.

I've already had luck with mixing rice and almond milk for cooking and homemade chai lattes. Tomorrow I'm trying out a cauliflower white sauce for enchiladas and I had success yesterday with a pumpkin sorbet that is out of this world. So I think I can get used to this, at least for awhile. Plus I dropped 3 pounds this week just by cutting dairy!

I hope that after a time of healing for my system (and some probiotics) I can slowly reintroduce. I plan to start Zeke on some solids around Christmas when he'll be 6 months old so if that goes smoothly I'll probably start adding some butter and sour cream to my diet. Till then it's americanos and "hold the cheese" for me.

Small price to pay for this.
Seriously, you guys. That's a 12 month outfit.
Aw. Zeke. I love you.

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