Friday, November 16, 2012

Dairy-free Pecan Pie

We're going to a pie party tonight... so of course I had to make some kind of pie I can eat! After a couple Google searches I picked my recipes. I try to avoid soy milk replacements so I looked for recipes that could be made with coconut oil and almond milk.

This is the recipe I picked for the crust. It went together fairly easy. I used unbleached while flour instead of wheat and coconut oil as my oil of choice. When I make it again I will chill the coconut oil first and chill the dough before I roll it out. I rolled it out between two pieces of wax paper and I'm glad I did because this is kind of a delicate dough and would not have held up to being rolled out on flour like I usually do.
Pie before it went in the oven.
This is the recipe I picked for the pie filling. I didn't chop up the pecans because that seemed pretty pointless to me, but it was hard to cut so I think I will chop them next time. I also used coconut oil instead of margarine.  If/when I make it again I think I'll add more pecans. And maybe chocolate chips.
All done!
Omnomnomnomnom! This was so good. I really couldn't tell it was dairy free. The crust was flakey and somehow buttery tasting and the filling baked up into a nice custard. And even though the dough and filling had a strong coconut flavor before being baked it magically disappeared when it was finished. Look out, holiday season... HERE I COME WITH MY DAIRY FREE PIE OPTION! 

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