Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gymnastics Stuff

This is the week to re-enroll in gymnastics for next session. I wasn't sure if we would because it's very hard for me to do class with Zeke on my back in the Ergo and Gideon won't be eligible to move out of the parent and tot class till after next session. So we considered skipping this upcoming session.
Eagerly waiting for class to start.
But Gideon LOVES gymnastics. He practices at home during the week. He asks when his next class is several mornings a week. And it's really very good for him to learn how to behave in a class environment. 
Jumping on the tumble track.
Since he started class he has learned how to take turns, how to wait patiently to be called on, how to follow direction from another adult, how to NOT smother other children with hugs, and how to stay with the class without wandering off. Plus, I can really see the difference in his strength and coordination from the many exercises they do.
"I jumping! I jumping!"  he shouts as he jumps so high he's almost horizontal while holding onto the bar.
I was at prayer group at church on Friday and found out one of my friends has an older child in gymnastics on a different day but there is a parent and tot class at the same time. And she offered to watch Zeke during class since she'll be there anyway if we wanted to switch days!
Practicing "elevators" with coach Christine.
So today I signed Gideon up for next session. We're really going to miss his current coach, Christine. She's so great with all the kids - even the really wild ones - and does a good job of conveying what to work on at home.
Swinging on the rings. He really likes these :)
I wish I'd gotten a picture of him on the balance beam because he's pretty spectacular. I'm excited to watch his progress next session!

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