Monday, November 26, 2012

Holidays + Family = Happiness.

We got back to Seattle today after a lovely week in Eugene. Visiting with our families is always great. And it gets harder to leave. I almost think that visiting more just makes me miss everyone more.
The boys did great on the ride down. We drove it in 5 hours and didn't stop at all. I just crawled back between the two car seats to feed Zeke. Gideon read books most of the way.
Thanksgiving with the Sniders was lovely. And I made that dairy free pecan pie again.
The drive out to my parent's is gorgeous.
I did a fun Thanksgiving craft with Maggie and Walter. Aren't they getting big? Gideon and Tommy made one too. With a lot of help.
Silas helped me get the boys dressed to go to the tree lighting but he was on call so he had to stay at the Sniders :/
Gideon saw Frosty at the tree lighting and wanted to go see him. He kept yelling "Shnoman!" so I asked if he wanted to take a picture with him. He insisted that he did but as soon as we got ready to take the picture he freaked out and ran to aunt Autumn. So this is the picture that got taken!
Happy holidays to you and yours - we're so excited to start advent!

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