Saturday, November 10, 2012

"I have a fabric problem." or "Help a girl out, Etsy!"

I finally opened an Etsy shop for my quilts.  I've been thinking about it for awhile. So, after a couple of my friends encouraged me to go ahead with it, I did it. 
The thing is that I love designer quilting cottons. I love to work with them. I love to design patterns around them. And making quilts is so satisfying! But it's kind of expensive. I'm not opening a shop so I can have a side job... I'm opening a shop so that I can cover the costs of my fabric addiction! 
I don't have a large inventory of quilts yet, so I also have some flannel backed blankets in the shop. I've made a couple of these for my boys and Gideon likes his even better than his quilt.
I'm also taking custom orders for anyone who already has a line of fabric in mind but doesn't have the time or know how to make they quilt want. So check out my Etsy shop here. There is also a link in the page bar. 
I plan to keep putting things in there as I finish new projects. I'll probably keep you all update here as well. Thanks for looking! Peace :)

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