Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Soup

If you came over to my house recently I might have made you some yummy pumpkin soup. And maybe you would ask me for the recipe. And I would jot it down for you on a scrap of paper. And because the conversation then urns to science fiction I start doodling. And hey! Look what I made!

Or maybe you just call me up (I don't really talk on the phone much but for the sake of this imagining I do.) and say "Hey Elisabeth, do you have a good pumpkin soup recipe? I'm entertaining Tina Fey tonight." and I would say "I have a soup that will knock Tina Fey's awesomesocks off!" And I jot down this recipe. And doodle all over it in the hopes that Tina might catch a glimpse of it and want to know who your awesome artist friend is and can she have my number to discuss an all new comedy cartoon she needs an illustrator for.

I have an active imagination.

Visions of grandeur aside, this makes an easy and delicious soup and is part of a project I'm working on that I just might share with you later. Enjoy the yumminess!

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