Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Bits

Oh surprise! It's Saturday! It was a really nice day, even though Zeke woke up once an hour from 5am till Gideon let himself out of his room at 8am whisper-yelling "Timma wake up, Mommy! Wezeekal wake him up!"
 Brothers playing before breakfast.
 He looks so cute! You'd never know he never sleeps!
 I made eggy in a basket and bacon. Gideon ate the eggy out of the basket. It was weird. Also, Gideon discovered chai and now asks for "mommy teeeea" all the time. I remember when my mom would let me have chai as a special treat when I was little. It was a nice little memory and I'm glad Gideon has the same one.
 But even Saturdays aren't without their chores... Mt. Laundry strikes again. At the time of this blog post I have folded and put away all of it but my own clothes.
 I pulled out some Winter hats from the stash yesterday and Gideon is pretty into his "Nice, neeeeew hat!" He clearly does not remember it from last year... when he HATED it.
Weight loss update: weighing in at 192 which is almost 40lbs down since Zeke was born 4 months ago. Only 40 more to go!

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