Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sick Day

Today we stayed home from church since both boys were running fevers.

I made my own peppermint patties by mixing coconut oil, raw honey, and peppermint extract into little discs which I then froze and covered in melted chocolate chips. They were delicious.

Then Gideon was being crazy and ran, face first, into the shelf the tv is on. I didn't realize how hard he his his face till I notice he had smeared blood all over my shirt. He was over it as soon as he had a Popsicle in his hand but he still has a fat lip.

We watched a lot of Richard Scarry, Thomas the Tank Engine, and 30 Rock. And we ordered Thai delivery from the place around the corner. Mmmmm. Plus the way Gideon says "Ot Thickesters" for "Pot Stickers" is hilarious.

I went to write this blog post and realized that yesterday's post somehow disappeared. It was still in my facebook imported feeds and the whole thing was in my feed reader but it was no long on my blog. I have no idea what happened so I just republished it and hope it stays this time.

Really hoping that Silas and I aren't going to get sick. The boys are on the upswing already so I know they'll be better by the time we go to Eugene for Thanksgiving. But while I hate being sick in general (and feel like I've paid my dues with the two week flu from last month) I REALLY don't want to be sick on vacation.

Sorry this is such a boring account of my day. I don't even have cute pictures for you because my arms have been full of one baby or another for most of the day. Well, hold on, Zeke is sleeping so I'll snap ONE cute sleeping baby picture with my phone.
 And now I'm off to try to fold all the laundry before bedtime. I'll probably get it sorted and make it through the boy's clothes before I start falling asleep. Or get frustrated by the fact that they boys' drawers are full of too small clothes and mine are full of too big clothes and I need to do the culling of the fold. (ALMOST A PUN!)

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