Thursday, November 8, 2012

You can buy happiness and it's cheap.

I bought this play mat for Zeke today. He's so much more into toys than Gideon was at his age so  I really wanted to get one for him. As I stood there in the aisle I wondered... Does he really need a $50 play mat? Do you know how much almond milk that is? (For the record, that's 6 cases of 6 cartons of almond milk... So 36 cartons. Which is a LOT of dairy free ice cream.)
 So I bought the cheapest one I could find. Which was $18. Or roughly 2 cases of almond milk... And SURPRISE! The boys loved it.
Yes, even Gideon loved it! So I think that was $18 well spent.
But then I was able to get this hysterical laughter by just burping. So maybe money can't buy happiness.

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