Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent reflections.

I've been excited about the Advent season for nearly a month now. I got our little tree. Got out the nativity set. I even wrote and addressed some Christmas cards to go out! A miracle after last year's Christmas card debacle. What? I didn't blog about that? Well... too soon. Maybe next year.

Silas had been making fun of me and all my plans to start new traditions. Plans for sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, paper snowflakes, Christmas shopping at the mall, new Christmas cds, 87 Pinterest crafts and recipes, and MATCHING CHRISTMAS SWEATERS! But you know what he didn't tell me? That the only tradition he cared about was a traditional Advent wreath that his parents do every year and we have never once done.

And you know what happened on Saturday, December 1st, the first day of advent? I injured my knee. The same knee that I injured in high school and required 3 months of painful physical therapy to mend. And then you know what happened when I started getting upset about not being able to make cookies that day? Silas mentioned that we didn't have an Advent wreath. Oh. And we also had to shell out half our life savings to repair our car. (I exaggerate. Some.) Color me very extremely disappointed.

Annnnnnd I had a meltdown. Everything was going wrong. Everything. Here I had planned this glorious way to celebrate Christ's birth and HE had gone and ruined all my plans! STUPID GOD! That's when I started to realize how much of a self centered (and slightly blasphemous)  grump I was being. But I denied it.

Then I went to church on Sunday. And of course the sermon was about how we need to leave room in our lives to be interrupted by God's plans because they are so much better than the ones we make for ourselves. FINE, GOD! FINE!!! I'm a horrible person in need of grace!  I want Christmas to be about me and all the ways I'm going to an amazing mom to my kids by creating the best Advent ever!

Oh, wait. God already invented the best Advent ever. And it wasn't about cookies and ornaments and nativity sets and 87 awesome Pinterest creations. It was about the glory of God being made into a lowly helpless baby (much like myself at the moment) and becoming susceptible to all the sadness of this life. A little baby who was going to go on and DIE so that I can have the privilege of being a snotty, self-centered little american housewife, and still get to spend eternity with Him.

So today I got in my newly repaired car and went to the Dr. to get referred to an orthopedic surgeon. I limped to the craft store to buy the supplies to make an Advent wreath. And I was thankful. And I am still thankful as I sit here on the couch with my feet up. My sink is full of dishes. My trash is overflowing. And I have about 3 loads of laundry to do later tonight.

I planned this Advent season full of activities but I guess God's plan was for me to slow down and rest. I don't wish a knee injury on you... but I do wish a restful Advent season. Blessings.

Glory to God in the highest!
And on earth, peace, goodwill towards men.

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