Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to cloth diapering!

After struggling with ammonia in my diapers for a long time while we were in Pittsburgh I stopped cloth diapering. I couldn't get rid of the ammonia and Gideon was getting chemical burns because of it. So we made the switch to disposables. It was an expensive switch but we decided it was best. Sadly, I packed my diapers away in a tub. 
When it was time to move to Seattle I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the diapers. So I brought them with. And recently I decided to do a little more research and search a little harder for a solution. I found that the hard water in Pittsburgh might have been contributing to my ammonia problems.
So I bought some funk rock detergent and soaked my diapers in the bathtub over night. Then I washed and dried them and put them to use. The Fuzzi Bunz no longer fit Gideon but the Bum Genius still work on the biggest setting.
I made a point of trying to change the boys as soon as I thought they were wet. I took the liners out and put them in the diaper pail right away. I made sure to wash my diapers every other day. And SURPRISE! I seem to be winning the battle!
I still have problems with one or two of my diapers smelling but I'm hoping with a couple more soaks they will be as fresh as the others. And on the whole I am very happy with my results!

 My wallet is happy that I've saved almost $20 in ONE WEEK by not paying for disposables. AND now that I'm not throwing away diapers all my trash for one week finally fits in my trash can so I don't have to pay to dump extra trash at the dump!

 And, I mean, COME ONE, that tush is cute.

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