Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend (Picture heavy!)

This weekend was pretty close to perfect.
It started out bright and early with Gideon's gymnastics class. It was his first of the new session and it was special because it was his first class without Mommy.
 I thought he might not go out on the mat without me... but no. He skipped off with his coach without even saying bye.
I watched a little teary eyed from the bleachers as he went about his exercises. So big.
 After class we went to meet some of our friends and the UW quad. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and it was breathtaking. Pictures cannot do the scene justice.
 Gideon always has his trusty sunglasses on these days. He is not a fan of the sun.
Cuppow! Love this thing. Coconut milk chai latte to-go.
On Saturday the weather was BEAUTIFUL! So we decided to take a family outing to Pike's Place to do our Easter shopping.
We bought fish, flowers, vegetables, fruit and lunch.
It was the first time we didn't take the stroller with us. Usually, I carry Zeke in the Ergo and Gideon rides in the stoller and it's very hard to maneuver with all those people! I was worried Gideon would get tired but he did great!
Silas bought me a vegan chocolate chip cookie the size of my face. And it was delicious.
 It was such a clear day! On cloudy days you can't really see the mountains but it was perfect.
I have such a soft place in my heart for street food. I got a lamb gyro and Silas also surprised me with Turkish delight from the Turkish food store. I liked the almond flavor best.
 Gideon could probably have stood looking at the sea for hours. But we needed to get home and start preparing for Easter.
These are the beautiful pears I bought to make Smitten Kitchen's Pear tart + cardamom. Spoiler: it was delicious. 
I finally got around to making cloth napkins and a table runner for my dining room. I've been meaning to do it for ages and I'm so happy with the result. Now I want to make a million more cloth napkins.
 I hid the boys' Easter baskets but Zeke wasn't really into it and Gideon is THE WORST finder ever. Zeke liked his spiky ball and Gideon was enamored with his ring pop.
 Annnnd Easter egg hunt in the front yard! But, like I said, Gideon's finding abilities were not that great.
 Jelly beans for breakfast, Yum. Now off to church!
We spent the afternoon gorging ourselves and hanging out with friends. I felt so blessed and thankful for all the joy from this weekend that it has carried over into today and I had to share. Hope you had a blessed Easter!

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