Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sick children. Tired Mama. And no one owes me anything.

There is a quote from Bathtime and Beyond that says this: No one owes you anything because you've chosen to be a mother. It's important to realize that a sense of entitlement - feeling that God, your husband, your children, or the world owes you something because you are mothering and it's rough - can mess with your head and heart.
 This has been on my heart as both my kids and my husband have been sick all week.
 It's not all skittles and rainbows over here all the time. Wouldn't that be awesome?
Gideon has a fever, hives, and is generally whiney.
 Zeke still wakes up every three hours to nurse and Gideon has been waking with feverish nightmares. Plus I'm scared to let him sleep in his own room in case whatever caused his hives causes something worse.
 We have some sweet moments.
There are always sweet moments!
 But, you guys, I am so tired. And I need to remember that NO ONE OWES ME ANYTHING. Because otherwise I would be mad at everyone all the time for every bit of trouble I come in to.
So here's a list of a few things I'm grateful for to keep me humble. And to remind myself that I owe everything to other people.
#1. My husband who, even though he's been sick, has done laundry, run errands, and tried to work from home despite the crying children.
 #2. My mom got me a chocolate mold for my birthday and I've been making vegan chocolates. YUM! And surprisingly easy!
#3. My new sewing machine that I get to use in the moments the children will take the tv instead of me.
 #4. I finally perfected my "better than takeout" noodles! Recipe to follow... when I get some time.
#5. That most of the time the boys do actually get along and they like being together.

I'm really hoping we're at the tail end of this sickness so I'll be back soon with some more upbeat life and quilting news!

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