Monday, July 22, 2013

Change it.

I was thinking about my life today. Every couple months I stop to do this. I think it's important to maintain a sense of where you're going in life, what you're working towards, and what you're coming from. Usually Silas and I do this together but since I am on a tour of Oregon with the boys, and he is working in Seattle, I was thinking about my life by myself.

The number one thing I was thinking is this; I'm grateful. Grateful I'm not where I was, particularly last Fall and Winter. I had a toddler and a newborn and very few friends. I felt confined to my small townhouse with no view except other town houses. I felt out of shape and overweight. And I had injured my knee again. I was getting next to no sleep and very little  exercise. On the days when Silas has the car my world was very small.

Since then I have eliminated dairy from my life, lost about 40 pounds, and moved to a house with a large yard and skylights for the dreary days of Winter. I ride my bike with the boys about 4 times a week and am in the midst of reordering my life so I use my car less and bike more. I can bike anywhere in a 3-4 mile radius and that distance grows a little every month; I am getting big ol' cycle calves! And after spending a very long time trying to be friends with people who did not want to be friends with me I am reaching out of my comfort zone to form friendships with those who share my desire to parent adventurously.

God has blessed me richly with the means to do these things and a husband who supports me. My husband, Silas, is the most supportive being in the world. He has encouraged me to go to events where I know no-one. To be myself despite social pressures to do otherwise. And to leave the housework to go on a bike ride. It is thanks to his love and encouragement that I am now really excited about where my life is going. It was Silas who told me if I didn't like my life to change it!

Now every night when I tuck Gideon into bed we sing "You Are My Sunshine" and then he asks me "What we going tado amorrow, Mom?" and I am always excited to tell him. Whether the plan is a bike ride to the park with our friends, playing in the kiddy pool in the front yard, or making banana bread, it is all an adventure.

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