Monday, July 15, 2013


Honestly, the word "vacay" drives me crazy. There are plenty of stupid word shortcuts I use without feeling like too much of an idiot. "Presh", "totes", and "ridic" are examples... but "vacay"? It kind of makes my skin crawl. But then vacation is kind of an annoying word too - despite my enjoyment of the thing itself.

Well, I mostly enjoy it. I suppose the point of vacation is to vacate your life for a time. To get a break, to get away. But I kinda like my life. More than kinda. My current life is a dream come true and I don't really want to vacate it. BUT I DO want to visit family. And I DO want to be in Eugene. And I DO want to go to weddings and on camping trips and adventures. And I DO love going to the coast.

So these are my post and pre vacation thoughts. Last week I got home from a two week trip to Eugene with the whole family and next week I'm off on other Oregon adventures with just the boys. So this has been a weird two weeks. Two weeks of trying to recover from vacation and prepare for vacation. The break in middle of vacation month.

Here's a few pictures from our recent trip:

My SIL, Emily, and I out for a cruise.
Hawaiian Time! My fav. Eugene treat. (Check out my use of "fav".)

Silas and I went on a date to Belly.
We finished up at VooDoo doughnuts because VEGAN DOUGHNUTS!
And their awesome bike.
Zeke practicing with Aunt Johannah.
Ezekiel turned one year old while we were there.
This is us on his birthday. 
It's been a crazy year. So glad Zeke is a part of our craziness.
My SIL, Autumn, my friend and bridesmaid, Margaret, and me
cheesing it up at the pool.
Biked over the newly finished ped bridge over 15! Also installed a cup
holder on my SIL, Ellie's, bike so I could pick up Dutch Bros.
The kids played in the kitty pool a bunch.
And Zeke took some naps on a towel in the shady part of the yard.
My brother, Walter, and my sister, Maggie, are both missing their front teeth
at the same time!
They always ask to play with my tablet :D
I took Zekey for a treat at Vanilla Jill's, a new-found Eugene favorite.
Vegan fro-yo!
Zeke playing in the water balloon bucket on the 4th of July.
Waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks.
Both boys were a bit nervous but there were no tears!
Nana taught Gideon how to use a paddle.
The boys messing around with the xbox controllers.
Snider Sunday afternoon lunch before we head back to Seattle.
And we grab dinner at a Sonic  on our way up since there are none within a
2 hour drive from us!

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