Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap*

It started out with a visit from my sister in law, Julie, and my first little niece, Rosalie.
 Gideon loved on Rosie the whole weekend. He just didn't want to let her go.
 He read some books to Aunt Julie too.
 Rosie has the smartest little personality. I love how even little babies have personalities and you can kind of see glimpses of what they are going to look like as adults.
 I couldn't get enough of her and wanted to hold her all weekend!
 Snider women; Autumn, Julie, and Me! Missing Ellie, Emily, and Johannah. We all agree it's funny how we all kind of look alike, even those of us who married in, and we get mistaken for sisters all the time.
A couple weeks ago we ordered our cargo bike from G&O Family Cyclery. It had to be brought up from Portland and assembled by Davey and Tyler, and this weekend it was finally ready for us to take home.
 Gideon and I rode it home and I felt like we were flying!
The boys were tuckered out Friday night. Gideon from our ride and Zeke from grocery shopping with daddy. Zeke is super snuggly, but not usually towards Gideon so this is a sweet picture :)
 We spent our Saturday morning watching cartoons in bed.
And in the afternoon I went on a bike parade with Madi of Family Ride with her two boys and Sara, her husband, and her daughter. Sara just got her new Edgerunner from G&O this past week too.
 This is really just a test parade for the real parade that will take place soon when Julie and a few other bike friends get their new bikes too. Then we can all celebrate together!
It was a wet ride home but worth it.
 We had some good friends over for games in the evening.
 And after church on Sunday we went to The Other Coast for sandwiches. I had been here without Silas a couple weeks ago and had been dreaming of their Diana sandwich ever since. Silas thought it was good but not great. I still maintain it's the best sandwich I've ever had. I mean, BALSAMIC MAYO, PEOPLE!
I have some new sewing business plans in the works so we went to The Quilting Loft in Ballard to select some fabrics .
Silas and I watched tv together (which happens less than I would like since I started school) and the weekend was technically over.
 But as it happens today is Veteran's Day and I have no school so it was a long weekend for me!
So I gave the boys baths in the sink and tackled the biggest pile of laundry I've ever seen.
And in the afternoon I met my friend, MaLora, and her son, A., for coffee at my favorite coffee place in Seattle.
 It was a great weekend to rest from the demands of school and spend time with the people I love and my bike.

*Two posts in one week! Whaaaaat! I feel like my blogging mojo is coming back so maybe I'll post again before the month is out.

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