Monday, January 13, 2014

Groceries by bike.

My last great adventure of 2013 was a shopping trip to Costco. There are some things in life that I just have to do, things I can't give up. Shopping at Costco and getting lunch for dirt cheap in their food court is one of them.
 I'm not sure why I decided that riding to Costco was something I needed to do but I did and so on our first free day we went.
 It was less cold and rainy that it had been in awhile so we only had to wear sweatshirts. We later put on gloves too.
 Gideon brought a stick named Mr. Stick along for the ride.
 It's about a 5 mile trip and right in the middle of those 5 miles is an enormous hill on 155th. I almost didn't post this picture because it does NOT do the hill justice. I was already half way up this hill when I took picture. It is a truly monstrous hill. I tried so hard to make it up without having to walk my bike. But ended up have to take a breather.
 I always always take applesauce packets on bike rides for when I push myself too hard and need instant energy.
 I took the side off the Bullitt so I could sit on the deck and rest for about ten minutes. I cannot say enough good things about the sturdiness of the stand. Gideon helped Zeke have a drink.
 Once we were over that abominable hill, though, we reached the Interurban Trail which only had tiny hills and inclines.
So it was an easy 2.5 miles to Costco once we reached the trail.
 We did our shopping and indulged in our (my?) favorite treat, Costco pizza.
I bought two chickens, two loaves of bread, a giant bag each of lettuce and broccoli, and a Costco sized bottle of wine.
 Then we loaded up. I wrapped my ring sling around Zeke because I suspected he would fall asleep and biking with his head laying on my back is not my favorite.
 My suspicions were well founded and by the time we reached Central market he was asleep.
 I used the sling to cover up my Costco groceries when we went in.
 At Central Market we added to our load tortillas, cheese, spinach, butter, celery, lemons, limes, cake mix, jello, ricotta, whipping cream, ginger ale, orange juice, coffee, two pomegranates, and other bottle of wine.
The groceries, plus our bag of snacks, diapers, water bottles, etc... took up the whole deck so Gideon rode home on the top tube.
I made him a seat with the ever versatile ring sling and he stood on the little step that extends back from the deck.
 I considered trying to make it back up that hill on the way home without walking the bike but we came across this accident and I had to walk around it anyway.
 We returned home triumphant! I wondered if I would have bought more if I had been driving our minivan. It's possible, but I bought everything on my list and anything extra would probably have put me over budget anyway. Also, I didn't need to buy toilet paper.
The next week I also went grocery shopping by bike, this time because I lost the only key to my minivan. I opted for the shorter 1.5 mile trip to Fred Meyer. Here's a video from that ride.
I'm currently planning another Costco trip for the end of this week as I just used the last of my 5 lb. bag of chocolate chips...

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