Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pausing to ponder some incomplete thoughts.

It's more than a week into January and I'm still soaking up all the rest I can get.
 I'm stealing all the hugs and kisses and coffee dates I can from my family.
I'm baking all my favorite things and eating second helpings of them.
 I'm reading books I've been meaning to pick up for months... years even.
I've laughed at a lot of things I would usually stress about.
 Silas and I have been trying new places to eat and discovering fun things to do here in Seattle that we've missed, even after living here almost two years.
We sit around in our jammies a lot.
 The boys and I have taken a whole day to do our grocery shopping by bike.
 And have taken time to stop at the playground just because we happened to pass one.
I've been making my bed (almost) every day. Weekends don't really count.
I'm still working on a few sewing projects... but that's about it. I'm going into this year with the intention to savor the good moments. And forget the bad. Not that there are not bad moments, but they are not worth remembering. 

Those are some of my thoughts. 

And my closets are half way decluttered!!!

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