Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lake Hike

So, before I moved to San Francisco I assumed that Golden Gate Park was, like, a park. Like, a play ground, maybe a fountain, a dog park. Nope. It is, in fact, 20 percent larger than Central Park. It contains a series of lakes, a bison paddock, a couple of museums, botanical garden, tea garden, and more. I refer you here to the Wikipedia page. And yet, despite my ignorance, I'm lucky enough to live across the street from it.

Today we decided to adventure into the park. We bike through it every day and I always let the kids choose which way we go. Frequently, Gideon will choose to go around the lake (Zeke likes to go the museum or waterfall way) and the kids always ask to hike up the hill island. I'd been promising we'd do the hike since last week so today we locked up the bike at the boat house and headed out!
Miri loved the geese.
 The boys tried to fish with whatever vines and plants they found.
 Had to make Miri get in the carrier because she wouldn't stop throwing herself into mud puddles with wild abandon. 
 It's amazing how isolated it is up here, even in the middle of the city.
 Almost to the top! I was starting to flag at that point and so was Zeke but Gideon remained determined and chanted "You can do it! You can do it!" and Zeke said "My love dat song, tanks Geeyon!"
 When we finally reached the top Miri needed a quick milk break.
 She is impossible to contain! Girlfriend loves to explore.
 I don't know how this big cement castlesque ruin got up here, but the boy dig it. They played knights for quite awhile before raiding my bag for cliff bars and fruit leathers.
 The sun! San Fran has been experiencing some desperately needed rain for the past two months and I never thought I'd miss the sun but I did!
 We took the stairs down the waterfall since Zeke started complaining about having to walk having to walk.
 Oh, hi, Pacific Ocean!
 And hi, bay!
I think I said "Hold onto the railing!" About 25 times. 
Once we reached the bottom of the falls it was a simple hike back to the bike but certain children decided they were too tired to walk so it took about 35 minutes to go a couple hundred yards, crawling, waddling, and crab walking.  But all in all, a fun day was had by all. We live in a beautiful place! 

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