Monday, March 21, 2016

Today in the Sunset.

The man outside the window at Starbucks is peering in. He's smoking a joint, eating a burrito, and dancing. Can he hear the big band swing that's playing in here? Probably not. He's probably got rhythm in his soul. I'd have rhythm in my soul too if I was smoking a joint and eating a burrito. At least, I think so. I've never smoked a joint, but I HAVE eaten a burrito and it's pretty much the most soul rhythm inducing thing ever.

All the taquerias here in San Francisco are are super sketchy looking and feel grimy but dear baby gophers! They are amazing! Actually, all the food here is amazing. I'm partial to Thai food these days. It is my take-out of choice. But the Pakistani/Indian place around the corner is delicious too and Silas prefers it to Thai. The boys like the deli in the liquor store on the corner. If we ask them they say "The sandwich place!!!"

A woman just gave the man outside the window a to-go box of food. He turned around and shared it with the two other homeless guys sitting on the sidewalk with him. They are all dancing and laughing now. I'm jealous. I'm here pondering solutions to the problems that I need to solve this week. Money problems, transportation problems, scheduling problems, parenting problems, relationship problems, and I will at least take a gamble at listening to NPR to hear about the world's problems. In an hour I'm going to put on my super respectable rain coat and walk home in my super respectable rain coat, worried about all this and more. I will even worry about these guys on the street and where they will sleep tonight.

I'm trying to sum up these thoughts in a way that makes sense because they feel very connected in my heart. Or maybe there just isn't a good way to sum up these thoughts. Something I love about the city is that it's all with you all the time. The sadness and the joy. The worry and the wild abandon. And at any moment you can walk out your door and witness it and ponder it.

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