Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Peace on Earth

I finally did it. I subscribed to the New York Times. A newspaper, like a grown up person! Oh, and I'm stepping away from Facebook for awhile.
Over there, on Facebook, I feel like I'm perpetuating an echo chamber. I post an article and my friends who always agree with me "like" it and then Facebook algorithms show articles that I share only to the people who "like" them. It's an endless loop of people who think like me. My perfectly crafted bubble. Judging from the silence of my friends whose views are quite different, they unfollowed my feed long ago. And, to be honest, I've unfollowed people who consistently post stuff that makes me blisteringly angry. I want to have real conversations with people face to face. You know, where I can get furious to their face. Just kidding! Kinda.
I am throwing myself into my community. Into my family. Into my writing. Into my work. Advent is here and I, you guys, I freaking love Advent. It's a very meaningful time of year for me. Sending out Christmas cards is something I love to do and I haven't done for two years because last year I didn't have time and the year before I had a baby mid-December. And I desperately want to do that this year.
There is sadness too. I love my Facebook groups. My babywearing group, my biking group, my Homeschool Alumni group, the groups where I learn about social justice and how to use my Instant Pot. And, Oh! Special Books by Special Kids!  Facebook was my lifeline during the time of upheaval that followed our move to SF and my fall into post-partum depression. Friends were just a click away during my lowest times. But it's time for a break now.
Life is full and my family deserves all my attention. I need to choose when to consume news. I need skip the buzzfeed listicles and the "Which Jane Austen character are you?" quizzes. (As much as I lurv a good "which character are you" quiz"!!!) Peace on earth starts with peace at home. Peace in my heart, in my family, in my community, in my city, in my country, in the whole earth. 

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