Friday, December 16, 2016

Gingerbread House at the Fairmont!

This week Ezekiel and I went on a little adventure by ourselves. Last year we went to see the two story high Gingerbread house built inside the Fairmont Hotel during Advent season. It was a little out of control, in hindsight, but still a lot of fun.
From our visit to the Fairmont in 2015. Zeke was still struggling with some health and sensory issues and every public outing with him from that time was a disaster.
This year Zeke mentioned several times that he wanted to go again so we made a date with some friends! Unfortunately, we all got sick with a nasty stomach thing and had to cancel. So did our friends. So we tried again this past week and it was great.
Hot chocolate for Z, Holiday Spice Flat White for me!
One of the cool things about visiting the Fairmont is that the cable car goes right past it. Riding the cable car is a pretty touristy thing to do in SF. Busses will get you where you're going much faster and without having to listen to tourists gawk at the $7 price tag. To which I said, try finding parking for under $15 anywhere in downtown San Francisco... But as a once a year treat, it's super fun.
We brought our Ninja Turtle friend along.
Our friend offered to take a non-selfie of us. If you ever see a mom taking a picture of her kids or trying to take a selfie, offer to take a picture for her with everyone in it. She probably doesn't have that many non-selfie pictures of herself with her kids.
If you want to know about my winged eye-liner... I messed up one side and had to make it longer, then I had to fix the other side, and then touch up the other side again. Basically. It looks really good considering how many mistakes I made. That's a lot of wingage.
 Zeke asked ahead of time if there would be any nutcrackers there. I said I didn't know. So when he found this nutcracker collection he asked me to take picture of him with the nutcrackers.
Zeke + Nutcrackers = Love
 This tree! Zeke kept running around it to find ornaments bigger than his head, and there were many! We didn't get a real tree this year because Silas and I are allergic to everything (Pollen, cats, dogs, dust, you name it, we swell up.) so I like seeing real trees NOT in my house.
 At Zeke's preschool they've been reading Santa's Stuck, so when we spotted the animatronic Santa feet kicking up on the roof it made Zeke's day.
Seeing things he's read about in a book makes him so happy!
The whole time we were there I kept thinking "This is so much easier than last year. I'm so glad last year is over."
He was more than happy to take a picture with me this year!
We went with a group of little boys (and their moms) that we know from church and from the Mom's Group I attend every week. It's really fun to do these kinds of trips in groups because someone can help with the stroller on the cable car or watch your kid while you pee. You can go "Oh no! Where's Kid X!" and another mom will spot him with her well trained kid watching eye in 2 seconds flat.
No one stopped moving the whole trip.
 The Fairmont has a rooftop garden where we went for a snack break when we were done inside. The garden was beautiful! And, lest you think everything went too smoothly, I did catch Ezekiel peeing in a tree planter in the garden. And later he declared himself "too hot" for the 50 degree weather and threw off his shirt and ran down the block half naked.
"I need some alone time."
The view from the garden was so great.
Hi, touristy part of SF that I never go to!
The ride back down to Market street was uneventful and from there Zeke and I hopped on the light rail to pick up Miriam from a friend's house where she was playing for the morning.

Ezekiel and Solomon taking in the sights.
The End. Seriously, I never know how to end these sorts of blog posts. On a scale of "Best Ever!" to "Worst ever!" I'd rate it a solid "Top 3 of the season."

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