Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Advent Ritual

We are enjoying Advent here at the Snider household and I thought I'd share a little about what our Advent ritual looks like this year. We've more or less followed this pattern through the years but this year has been particularly rewarding as our kids are older and understanding more and asking questions. The last three years I've attempted to do the daily readings from The Jesus Storybook Bible, which is an incredible resource! But this year I've embraced the fact that it's too much for our evening routine.
So this year we light the candle during dinner. The kids take turns. Then I say "What does 'Advent' mean?" The answer is "Coming!" But so far the answers I've gotten are "Christmas!" "Jesus is born!" "Dessert!" and from Miriam "Butthead!" Advent is long, thank goodness.

After we light candles we sing a song. And by "we" I mean Silas and I sing a song and take turns telling the kids to hush and listen. This week we're singing "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus" every night. We're also practicing the songs the kids are going to sing during the lessons and carols service, which are "Go Tell It On the Mountain" and "Angels We Have Heard On High".

Then we talk a little about waiting, we move the advent marker on the advent calendar, annnnnd that's it! Simple, straight forward, and requires very little prep. Yet, I find these 5 minutes of focus with my kids to be so precious and meaningful. The key to this season has definitely been to SIMPLIFY.

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